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White Papers

Awareness. Education. Thought leadership. Position your organization as a leader through non-partisan white papers that offer valuable information

Case Studies

Compelling. Credible. Informative. Potential customers want to know that how you are helping other businesses just like them. What problems you solve, what results you achieve. I’ll work with you and your customer to create a compelling story.

Web site content

Clear. Concise. Meaningful. You have a few words and a few seconds to make an impression when someone visits your web site. I help you ensure your web site attracts people looking for your solution, and gives them the information they want.

Product literature

Straightforward. Thorough. Informative. Potential customers need to understand what your product or solution is, how it works, and how it will help them achieve their goals.

Ghost Writing

Your expertise. Your opinions. Your voice. I’ll take your knowledge and thoughts to create an appealing article or blog post that:
•Expresses your ideas, opinions or knowledge
•Meets the needs of the publication
•Takes the pressure off you


Professional. Re-usable. Complete. When you need to generate proposals or RFP’s as part of the sales cycle, it can be a strain to ensure your proposal is as complete and professional as you’d like. And if your sales force generates proposals, it can often cut into prime selling time. I can help.

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