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Content and The Sales Cycle

In my last post, I suggested a set of questions you might consider before creating any content, for instance, before commissioning a white paper or case study, or writing a blog post.

But a big part of using your content creation dollars wisely is to know what kind of information you need, and when.

We could map content to your sales funnel…

Steve Patrizi has created a new marketing & sales funnel based in part on a study that identified that 60% of a purchase decision is made before a prospect even engages with your sales rep.

New marketing sales funnel

We could map content to the Buyer’s Journey

The Buyers Journey

(Based on a map created by TechTarget)

It could be simple…

Maybe, though, it’s enough to just create a simple spreadsheet and identify what the prospect’s need is, and what kind of information you can provide that will help.  Here’s my example – what would you do differently?

Content table

This might be a bit simplistic:  no doubt you will have more detailed buyer persona’s, and there may be far more than three stages to their purchase journey – not to mention that you must also consider what your customers need after the sale and on an ongoing basis.  The keys are to ensure you know who your customers are, what information they need, when they need it, and where they want to go to get it.

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