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Email marketing: getting the content right.

Halloween photoHappy Friday!  Today, I’ve got some tips and resources for  email marketing for technology solutions.

First the tips:

  • Keep the subject lines short – You’ve got 35 to 50 characters at most before you’re cut off.
  • Keep the message short. You should be able to say almost anything in 100 words or less.
  • Keep the language clear – reduce the jargon and speak plainly. Your email could be forwarded…
  • Talk about your reader’s issues, not your solution. How can you help make their life easier, save money, improve revenue, improve efficiency, reduce workload…
  • Remove the sidebar. They’re not made for mobile devices.

Now the resources:

Spiceworks You’ve Got Email on-demand webinar and companion workbook Five Tips for Creating Email Campaigns that Don’t Suck (PDF).

Hubspot’s Anatomy of a Five Star Email

MarketingProf’s 10 Email Best Practices Infographic

Emma’s 10-Step Tutorial to Memorable Subject Lines

If you need help crafting the perfect email marketing message, I’d be happy to help.  Contact me at 905-439-9340 or

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