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Regardless of where your potential customers are in the purchase cycle, I can help you craft meaningful information that clearly identifies the value of your solution.

White Papers
Awareness. Education. Thought leadership.
Position your organization as a leader through non-partisan white papers that offer valuable information. Information that helps your target market learn more about emerging technologies. Become more familiar with your solution. Understand your value proposition.

Case Studies
Compelling. Credible. Informative. Potential customers want to know that other businesses are using your product or solution and that it’s providing significant business benefits. I’ll work with you and your customer to create a compelling story.

Ghost Writing
Your expertise. Your opinions. Your voice.  I’ll take your knowledge and thoughts to create an appealing article or blog post that:

  • Expresses your ideas, opinions or knowledge
  • Meets the needs of the publication
  • Takes the pressure off you

Web Content
Clear. Concise. Meaningful.
You have a few words and a few seconds to make an impression when someone visits your web site. I help you ensure your web site attracts people looking for your solution, and gives them the information they want.

Brochures & product briefs
Straightforward. Thorough. Informative. Potential customers need to understand what your product or solution is, how it works, and how it will help them achieve their goals. I’ll help you articulate all of this in a clear, concise document.

Looking for a writer that “gets” your technology?  I’d be happy to discuss how I could help you.  Feel free to email me at or call me at 905-439-9340.

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