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The Value of Freelancers

There are a whole host of reasons you’d choose to work with a freelance writer.  Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You’re not ready to hire a marketing agency, but need to get marketing collaterals made.
  • You want fast, flexible service at a reasonable cost.
  • You want to create a white paper, but none of your product development or marketing people want to touch it.
  • You aren’t sure your agency is the best to manage a white paper.
  • You need a quick blog post or magazine article.
  • You’ve struggled finding a writer that can understand your technology – then translate it into solid business benefits.

And here’s a few reasons why I might be the freelance writer for you.

  • I’ve been working in the I.T. industry for many, many years.  So I understand the industry, and the issues your customers face every day.
  • I’ve been on the marketing side of the I.T. industry too, so understand a lot of the issues you face.
  • I’ve had a few different roles in business, so understand a lot of the issues companies face when it comes to system purchases.
  • I’ve helped my clients market their technologies to a variety of industries, such as ISP’s, manufacturers, spa’s and hotels, retailers, healthcare, government and more.  It’s given me insight into what’s important to businesses in each of these industries.
  • I’ve done lots of projects writing about a technology in a way a business decision maker – like a CFO, COO or CEO – can understand.
  • I’ve worked with a variety of technology companies, including, network security and networking, ecommerce and ERP, eLearning, SaaS, software, hardware, system integration and more.


How can I help you?  Why not contact me at 905-439-9340 or  I’d love to discuss your needs.



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